Guided walking tour: Old Town and Nikolai Church

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Discover the 800-year city history in the city center of Leipzig. The trade fair houses and passages are testimonies of the trading tradition. Faust and Mephisto can be seen in the Mädler Passage, to which Goethe set a literary monument with his „Faust“. In the Barfussgäßchen the coffee tree reminds of the Saxon coffee tradition. Musicial genius Bach wrote the coffee cantata especially for coffee enjoyment. Recent German contemporary history is connected with the Nikolaikirche. It was the meeting point of the people who argued for the changes in the GDR and the Monday demonstrations in the fall '89 started there.
Gruppenausflug und Gruppenticket in Leipzig: Leipzig Nikolaikirche (Shutterstock) © Shutterstock: Leipzig Nikolaikirche

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Price from € 120.00 per group
Duration 90 minutes
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Tour of the old town with a visit to the Nikolai Church

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Leipzig Details Schaaf, Schnoy und Kollegen GbR
Reichsstraße 2
04109 Leipzig

Meeting Point:

Guided walking tour: Old Town and Nikolai Church
Markt 1
04109 Leipzig

Altes Rathaus - Durchgang unter dem Rathausturm 

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