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Traveling with your own club is a very special form of group travel. You share special experiences, get to know each other much better and to rely on one another. The only question is - who should organise everything, and with how much effort? Is this your job now?

No matter whether you are organising the club trip for your voluntary fire brigade colleagues, the bowling club, or the music club - we will help you to find the perfect group activities and group accommodation for your troupe. Fun and enjoyment should be in the foreground for you, and not the hassle of research and planning.

If you are looking for unique experiences with individual advice and support, then trust our more than 20 years of experience in the organisation of club and group trips throughout Europe. And the best part is: our service is free and we provide you with the services at the original prices of the providers on site, including their original invoices!

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Our recommendations:

AMSTERDAM: Magnificent canal metropolis and tourist magnet with enormous diversity
COLOGNE: Jolly Rhinelanders, Chocolate and Kolsch are not just for Carnival time
HAMBURG: Pearl of the North with fresh sea air and Hanseatic flair
PRAGUE: The golden city on the river Moldau and your top destination in the middle of Europe

Clubtrip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam - magnificent canal metropolis and tourist magnet with enormous diversity

Amsterdam, the legendary capital of the Netherlands, attracts huge numbers of visitors year after year. No wonder - the city is characterized by its enormous diversity and offers not only the famous coffee shops but numerous cultural highlights, sparkling adventures and a totally relaxed lifestyle. An eventful day could be the following: Start with a guided city tour, which will explain the development of the city from a small fishing village on the Amstel to one of the most important trading cities in Europe. Later, you can take a canal cruise through the "Venice of the North", viewing historic bridges and elegant trading houses. And late in the evening, you can take one of the most popular tours - through the legendary red light district at night. It is also great to discover Amsterdam with a guided tour by Bike and in no trip would be complete without a visit to the Heineken Experience!!

Amsterdam evening ambience
© Shutterstock: Abendstimmung in Amsterdam

Guided City Walk - Amsterdam Welcome Tour
ca. 1 h
 Canal cruise in Amsterdam
© Shutterstock: Grachtenfahrt Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal cruise
ca. 1 h
Heineken Experience Amsterdam guided brewery tour
© Heineken Experience Amsterdam

Heineken Experience
ca. 1 h

Clubtrip to Cologne

Cologne - Jolly Rhinelanders, Chocolate and Kolsch are not just for Carnival time

Cologne is known for its imposing cathedral, the carnival and colognes, also known as eau de cologne. But the nicest thing is the exuberant cheerfulness of the Rhinelanders you will meet here - this makes Cologne a great destination for your club trip. The Imhoff Chocolate Museum guarantees sweet impressions and stories, the fragrance house of 4711 invites you to create your own club fragrance and a merry cruise on the Rhine is always a refreshing experience on any club trip. Enjoy together a wonderful freshly tapped Kölsch "off the shelf" or in the "Stösje" in any of the numerous pubs around the old town of Cologne and celebrate in the evening, in the melting pot of the Cologne Südstadt. The next day you can take a trip to Phantasialand, one of the best theme parks in Europe with multiple award-winning attractions, roller coasters and shows!

Hard Rock Cafe: Logo
© Hard Rock Cafe: Logo

Hard Rock Cafe Cologne - Menues for Groups
ca. 2
Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG: Panorama cruise on the river rhine cologne
© Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG: Panorama Köln

Panorama round-trip Cologne - A floating sightseeing tour
ca. 1
Shutterstock: Fischmarkt cologne
© Shutterstock: Fischmarkt Köln

Cologne Highlights - Guided Walking Tour
ca. 90 min

Clubtrip to Hamburg

Hamburg - Pearl of the North with fresh sea air and Hanseatic flair

As gateway to the world Hamburg has always been a popular destination for clubs from near and far. The international openness of this business metropolis combines with northern German serenity and this creates a relaxed atmosphere that is full of impulses: You will find cozy cafés and boutiques here as well as the nightlife of St. Pauli, the Schanzenviertel and the Reeperbahn. Landmarks and attractions such as the Elbphilharmonie, the Hamburg City Hall, the Speicherstadt, the State Opera, the Landungsbrücken or the Hagenbeck Zoo are definitely worth a visit and we are happy to organize a harbor cruise with a typical Hamburg barge for your club, a cult tour of St. Pauli at night, a visit to the famous Miniatur Wunderland or even a trip to the Heidepark Soltau, just in case you have already seen everything in Hamburg.

Barkassen Centrale Ehlers Boat called Anita in Hamburg Harbour
© Barkassen Centrale Ehlers: Anita Hafen

Big Harbour Cruise
ca. 1 h
Biketour Hamburg
© Fahrradtour Hamburg

Guided Bike Tour "Hamburg Compact - the perfect overview"
ca. 2.5 h
Hamburger Stadtrundfahrt Die Roten Doppeldecker GmbH: red sightseeing bus in front of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
© Hamburger Stadtrundfahrt Die Roten Doppeldecker GmbH: Doppeldeckerbus vor Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg's Red Bus Tour -Line A
ca. 90 min

Club trip to Prague

Prague - the golden city on the river Moldau and your top destination in the middle of Europe

Prague is the perfect destination for your group. You can undertake and experience a wide variety of activities in Prague as there is something for everyone here. The most famous highlights in Prague – the old Town Hall, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle – places to explore and enjoy. Wenzelsplatz, which is characterized by cubism and Art Nouveau buildings, and the Golden roofed National Theater are a marvelous contrast to the extensive parks and gardens which offer a multitude of impressions – You can explore all of this during an exciting city rally. Enjoy a cruise on the Vltava River, the numerous bars and good, inexpensive restaurants. Also, the Prague TV tower is definitely a highlight in your club trip. And just one hour from Prague, Malá Boleslav is home to the SKODA factory, where you will get an interesting tour.

Astronomical Clock in the heart of the Old Town of Prague
© IncoCzech: Astronomische Uhr

Old Town Square Walking Tour
ca. 3 h
Hard Rock Cafe: Logo
© Hard Rock Cafe: Logo

Hard Rock Cafe Prague - Menues for Groups
ca. 2 h
IncoCzech: Skoda Muzeum in Mladá Boleslav - Blick in die Ausstellung
© IncoCzech: Skoda Muzeum Blick in die Ausstellung

SKODA Factory Visit & Museum in Mlada Boleslav
ca. 3 h